Emerging Trends in Commercial Flooring

As a commercial general contractor for Constructive Solutions, Inc., Rami G. Tawasha draws on more than 14 years of project management and engineering experience. Over the course of his career, Rami Tawasha has managed a variety of commercial projects across the San Francisco bay area.

In the field of commercial construction, staying current with flooring trends is as important as knowing what floor plans clients tend to prefer. For projects that involve tile, design is moving away from standard 12 by 12 inch pieces and toward 12 by 24 inch rectangles, large squares, and even hexagons. This movement toward creativity is also becoming evident in the colors and textures that clients request.

Many clients remain true to classic styles with a contemporary touch, but others embrace the current taste for expressing their individuality. Bright blues, teals, and even pinks are coming into fashion, while traditional patterns such as plaids are appearing in contemporary colors as well. Meanwhile, technology is allowing designers to make durable materials such as porcelain take on the look of marble, stone, and wood, while also enabling more abstract and non-symmetrical patterns to characterize contemporary floors.